The Pretty Little Liars Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

2022-08-12 23:28:48 By : Mr. junfeng feng

The HBO Max release of "Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin" has everyone engaged in theorizing who "A" might be and what terrors await the liars next. The buzz surrounding this show can't help but spark nostalgia in "Pretty Little Liars" fans, who, from 2010 to 2017, watched as Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer tried to solve the mystery of the illustrious Alison, all while being tormented by the even more elusive "A." 

As fans think back on their favorite plot lines and characters while watching the new "PLL," we are challenged to fall in love with the new characters the way we did with the old favorites. It was hard to watch "PLL" without choosing your favorite liar or recurring character to root for. 

Though each character has their own canonical birthday and zodiac sign, there are better signs that they match up with, based on their personalities and interests. Curious as to what character shares your astrological zip code? Read on to see which "Pretty Little Liars" character you'd be, based on your zodiac sign.

As professional astrologer Aliza Kelly points out, Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) has often been mistaken for a water sign because of the "aqua" prefix. However, there's no doubt that this is an air sign, which works great for Ezra Fitz. As Kelly writes, Aquarius is "progressive, rebellious, and humanitarian," with a hidden sensitive side that can sometimes go undetected. This sign hates small talk, finds happiness in sparking social change and discourse, and can be wildly stubborn.

If you're reading this and automatically thinking it sounds like Ezra Fitz, then you're correct; Mr. Fitz is an Aquarius through and through. Ezra is a teacher with a love for interpersonal connections and helping others to learn. Though he can come off as serious and occasionally pretentious, he has an intense sensitive side that he really only shows to Aria. A lot of his rebellious nature comes from his relationship with her, as their courtship starts when she is still his student and in high school. But his rebelliousness and stubbornness can also be attributed to his desire to uncover the truth about Alison's disappearance — so much so that he's willing to date Aria to get a better story. Though Ezra is flawed in many ways, he does have a lot of the Aquarius intellect and caring humanitarian nature.

Despite the "PLL" fandom's division about her character, Aria Montgomery is the clear Pisces of the group. As Kelly writes for Allure, Pisces (February 19 – March 20) absorbs every experience, both good and bad, to the core. This sign is extremely compassionate, really nice, and a true empath. Pisces is more likely to look for fantasy scenarios to get them through life, and can often find it hard to stay in reality due to becoming overwhelmed by their emotions. Pisces is also known for being creative and, as Kelly details, "incredible artists."

When Mona points out in Season 5, Episode 12 how Alison "assembled the perfect group" with the four liars, and when each girl gets one word to describe them, Aria's is "compassionate." She is very quick to aid her friends in any bad situation and takes on everyone else's emotions on top of her own. There are instances in the show where Aria becomes so burdened with her own emotions that she acts out irrationally or closes herself off from others. One example is Season 4, Episode 21, after she's learned about Ezra's book and destroys his apartment. But those cases are few and far between compared to her reliably gentle nature with others. Aria is also the creative of the group, invested in writing, art, and expressing herself through unique fashion choices and hair colors, which fits right into the Pisces description.

Hanna Marin is one of the most distinct personalities on a show that generally pigeonholes its characters into their lanes. With her specific archetype, Hanna is the obvious Aries. Kelly writes for Allure that Aries (March 21 – April 19) is bold, brave, and not afraid to be upfront with people. She also says that Aries is direct, and gets "frustrated by exhaustive details and unnecessary nuances." Aries' spontaneity and confidence helps them take up space, and though the sign has "an explosive temper," the determined optimism Aries possesses can make up for it.

This description just about nails Hanna Marin on the head. She spends her childhood feeling insecure and in the shadow of Alison, but after the latter's disappearance, she's reborn as an unapologetic, fashionable, electric version of herself. She is always bold enough to stake out her own territory, and though she may not seem as smart as Spencer and the other liars, she plays a big part in investigating clues. She's always direct with how she feels or tells someone if they're taking too long to get to the point. This sometimes results in fiery displays of her temper, or sometimes even impulsive choices like making herself the bait for a trap set by "A" or splitting off from the group to get more immediate answers. However, because of her good-natured attitude, her friends and boyfriends recognize that her headstrong behavior comes from a loving place.

The typical Taurus can be a hard worker, while also enjoying both luxury and comfort. Who better to embody that contradiction than Toby Cavanaugh? As Kelly writes in Allure, Taurus (April 20 – May 20) is ambitious, hard-working, and steadfast, but also in tune with nature and relaxation. Taurus appreciates security, and when a Taurus' loved ones are threatened, they'll turn into a rage-monster. Another huge part of Taurus is the loyalty of the sign, which, when paired with dedication, can sometimes come across as too headstrong.

Toby is the show's mystery for most of its run. He starts out being the town pariah and eventually becomes Spencer's love interest. He's extremely hardworking, be it physically with the labor jobs he takes on or emotionally as he tries to gain back the town's trust. Once he figures out about "A" tormenting the girls, he decides the security of knowing he can protect Spencer is more important than anything, so he joins the police force. He often confronts "A" and their minions with bouts of rage because of his dedication to Spencer and their friends. 

Outside of his work and dedication, he loves the outdoors, relaxing, and diving into projects. More than anything, though, Toby is loyal — just about the most loyal of the entire group other than Emily. Be it to Spencer, his friends, or even his town, one thing's for sure: Toby will do whatever it takes to protect what he loves – just like a Taurus.

Arguably one of the most accurate zodiac matchups is Mona Vanderwaal being a Gemini. Kelly writes it perfectly in Allure: "Have you ever been so busy that you wished you could clone yourself just to get everything done? That's the Gemini experience in a nutshell." Gemini (May 21 – June 20) is wildly busy and "often falsely misrepresented as two-faced." The sign is driven by a need to learn more, always trying to balance many loves and interests, and over-analyzing at any chance. Gemini is also a social butterfly, wears its heart on its sleeve, and loves social media. This sign also has no time for shame, and quickly bounces back from any embarrassing scenarios.

If this description doesn't scream Mona Vanderwaal, nothing will. Mona is the original "A" in the game against the liars, balancing a lot on her plate while keeping it a secret and putting on another face for regular life. She's able to analyze every scenario and stay several steps ahead of the liars, using her love of texting and mind games to succeed. After she's found out, Mona spends her time in Radley Sanitarium and isn't afraid to show the world her vulnerable side when she gets out. She's immediately ready to become the old Mona everyone knew before Radley, by ignoring any attempts to embarrass her. Her take-no-prisoners attitude and her emotional exterior make her the perfect choice for Gemini.

For anyone with as rough of a childhood as Caleb, Cancer seems highly appropriate. As Kelly writes in Allure, Cancer (June 21 – July 22) is extremely intuitive and can use their mind-reading abilities to gauge the emotional temperature of any person or area. Kelly writes how Cancers also present a tough exterior, making it so at first they may seem aloof or unfriendly, but that eventually mellows out into intense compassion and love once they trust who they're with. Cancer values emotional depth, security with their loved ones, and a specific attachment to home.

Caleb Rivers grew up in the foster care system and has no stability to ground him. This results in him coming across as the bad boy at school. That's why, after a lot of convincing from Hanna, Caleb finally opens up and becomes comfortable and attached to the Marin home. Eventually, Caleb respects and cares about Hanna and how she's able to make him embrace vulnerability, and he falls head over heels for her. He devotes his time to protecting Hanna and forming close friendships with all the liars to help them find "A." In fact, Hanna usually doesn't keep any secrets about "A" from Caleb, but even if she tried, it would be pointless because Caleb would figure it out anyway. He has a knack for knowing when something's wrong, which becomes handy on many occasions throughout the series.

"Roll out the red carpet, because Leo has arrived," is what Kelly first writes in Allure. What better description for queen bee Alison DiLaurentis? Kelly adds that Leos have "royal status" and are full of passion, dramatics, and lively antics. Where there's a spotlight, there's a Leo, always celebrating their own accomplishments. Kelly also writes that two key traits of a Leo (July 23 – August 22) are cultivating specific friendships, and placing themselves in the center of theatrical romances. It's almost as if friendships and relationships are an art form. Leo is always focusing on being a leader, a celebrity figure, and alluring to any and all who they encounter. They become extremely threatened when someone takes their spotlight, however, and jealousy is a huge issue for them.

Every bit of the Leo description fits Alison, from the royalty- or celebrity-like attitude to the jealousy over the spotlight being taken away. Though the character continues to develop, Alison's behavior in the early seasons is both childish and charming to nearly everyone she meets. She's able to convince countless older men to be in relationships with her, using theatrics to fake her way through topics she doesn't know; she carefully curates a group of friends that will provide her with smarts, loyalty, compassion, and admiration; and she always finds a way to be in the spotlight, be it going toe-to-toe with Jenna or turning up dead when she's really on the run.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) speaks directly to Emily Fields' brand. The sign is structurally oriented with a methodical approach, according to Allure, using repetitive practice, rigor, and their innate sense of perfectionism to better their skills and themselves. They believe the true work is in the details. But more than any other quality, Virgo is known for being great friends. They are often described as "kind, gentle, and supportive friends and lovers" who "are always striving to provide workable solutions and improve broken systems" (per Allure). This sign is loyal and often believes flaws are what makes people truly amazing.

Though most attribute the hardworking title to Spencer, Emily is right up there with her. She gets incredible grades, works hard to earn swimming scholarships and money from her jobs, and always strives to improve herself. When Mona points out in Season 5, Episode 12 how Alison "assembled the perfect group" with the four liars, and when each girl gets one word to describe themselves, Emily's word is "loyal." She does whatever she can to support her friends, sticks by Alison's side even when everyone else turns on her, and, without a doubt, provides the most comfort to the other liars during crisis situations. 

Emily doesn't care much for Alison's showy side, but always loves the imperfect person underneath the glamour. Her practicality shows when dealing with "A," as she's always looking for a solution to make everything easier for herself and her friends.

Though Ella is only a recurring character on the show, she's the perfect choice for the Libra (September 23 – October 22) sign. Libra is all about balance and harmony, says Allure's Kelly. Libras love art and intelligence, but love fostering peace even more. A Libra will work hard to make sure everyone is satisfied and agreeable, and strive to maintain the happiness of their loved ones more than anything else. They also struggle with making concrete decisions.

Most of Ella's screen time comes from her relationships with Aria, Byron, Mike, and Zack. However, we also see her shine in her role as a teacher at Rosewood High School, where she works to make sure her students are educated and taken care of. She's a big connoisseur of art and loves to share artistic experiences with Aria. Because relationships are important to Libras and Ella, she's hardly ever single. She goes from getting a divorce with Byron to jumping into a relationship with Zack, and when that relationship doesn't work out she gets back together with Byron. Her love of people consumes her in all aspects of her life, not just her children and students. Her biggest Libra trait, however, is being the mediator. Ella tries her best to help Aria and the liars with their friendships, counsel Mike and her students when they're struggling, and maintain harmony within her family.

Kelly writes in Allure that Scorpio is "one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac." As such, it's only fair that Scorpio be matched with one of the most misunderstood characters of "Pretty Little Liars," Jenna Marshall. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) is passionate and powerful, but also possesses high intuition. To Scorpios, life is just a game in which you have to stay several steps ahead. Though this often can come across as evil or shady, it's more so that Scorpios want to be prepared for any situation and do whatever it takes to get what they want. Scorpios are also known for their mysterious, seductive aura.

Jenna is indeed both passionate and powerful. She's one of the only people who ever challenges Alison's authority, electing not to march to the beat of Alison's drum, but to the rhythm of her own. After she becomes blind, Jenna works harder than ever before to adapt and play the long game with the liars, always staying ahead of them to the point where they think she may be "A." Her intuition is her strongest attribute, and even saves the day in the "Pretty Little Liars" series finale, as she discovers Alex Drake is pretending to be Spencer Hastings and tells Toby about it. There are times when Jenna makes the wrong decision, and though this makes her seem like a villain, she mostly just wants to protect herself from any more hurt.

Kelly describes Sagittarius in Allure as "unlike any other sign of the zodiac; they're totally unique to this brazen spirit." One character in "Pretty Little Liars" who is unlike the others is Jason DiLaurentis, our Sagittarius pick. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) possesses a "blend of passion, curiosity, intensity, and adaptability" (per Allure). They have a restless need to explore and travel, always chasing new adventures to satisfy their desire for change in their everyday lives. Though this sign can seem like a free spirit, they are also matched with a blunt sense of truth-telling. However, because of who the sign is, it's hard to stay mad at them.

Jason is another mysterious type of character on the show. He's always intense, from the moment we meet him. After everything he's forced to deal with, from losing his sister and then finding out she isn't actually dead, to losing his brother and being gaslit into thinking he never existed, to eventually finding out he used to date his sibling, it's only natural he'd be struggling. He always tries to get away from Rosewood, traveling to Ethiopia for a charitable mission, or looking for ways to engage his desire for change and deep-rooted, earthy spirit. However, when Jason is frustrated, he's always quick to tell it like it is. One can hardly blame him — with so many secrets circulating around that family, it's only natural he'd want to be so brutally honest.

Last but certainly not least is the brilliant Spencer Hastings, the Capricorn of the group. As Kelly details in Allure, Capricorns (December 22 – January 19) are incredibly determined and goal-oriented. They will do anything to reach their objectives. Their responsible, know-it-all nature may make them seem slightly annoying or merciless at times, but it's just a side effect of knowing what they want in the long term and making a plan to get there. They're always making plans and strategizing and though they love specificity, they refuse to be overwhelmed with useless details. They have no time for nonsense with all they seek to accomplish and pursue.

From the moment she's introduced, Spencer shows all of the traits of a Capricorn. She's a Hastings, which means she comes from a family of intense, hardworking goal-setters who are overachievers by nature. With most of the strategizing and planning to try and divulge the identity of "A," Spencer takes point. Her responsibility often puts her in the driver's seat of planning, but also causes her to act cold or overly intense when she might not mean to be. She has plans and doesn't want to let "A" get in the way of those plans. Even at her lowest moments, Spencer still maintains her high grade point average and participates in many academics, and even when she receives mental help, she works hard to improve herself, unsurprising as it may be.