Stainless Steel Titanium Tibial Interlocking Nail

Stainless steel titanium tibial Interlocking Nails S40100108240T40100108240Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ8*240S40100108260T40100108260Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ8*260S40100108280T40100108280Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ8*280S40100108300T40100108300Tibial&

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Stainless steel titanium tibial Interlocking Nails 
S40100108240T40100108240Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ8*240
S40100108260T40100108260Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ8*260
S40100108280T40100108280Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ8*280
S40100108300T40100108300Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ8*300
S40100108320T40100108320Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ8*320
S40100108340T40100108340Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ8*340
S40100108360T40100108360Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ8*360
S40100109260T40100109260Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ9*260
S40100109280T40100109280Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ9*280
S40100109300T40100109300Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ9*300
S40100109320T40100109320Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ9*320
S40100109340T40100109340Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ9*340
S40100109360T40100109360Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ9*360
S40100110260T40100110260Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ10*260
S40100110280T40100110280Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ10*280
S40100110300T40100110300Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ10*300
S40100110320T40100110320Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ10*320
S40100110340T40100110340Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ10*340
S40100110360T40100110360Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ10*360
S40100111260T40100111260Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ11*260
S40100111280T40100111280Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ11*280
S40100111300T40100111300Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ11*300
S40100111320T40100111320Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ11*320
S40100111340T40100111340Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ11*340
S40100111360T40100111360Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ11*360
S40100112260T40100112260Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ12*260
S40100112280T40100112280Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ12*280
S40100112300T40100112300Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ12*300
S40100112320T40100112320Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ12*320
S40100112340T40100112340Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ12*340
S40100112360T40100112360Tibial Intramedullary Lock Screwφ12*360
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PE bag ,the whole order will be put in cartons when shipping by express(FEDEX, DHL, TNT, EMS, UPS etc) or by air .
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Stainless Steel Titanium Tibial Interlocking Nails
Stainless Steel Titanium Tibial Interlocking Nails
Stainless Steel Titanium Tibial Interlocking Nails


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